Transportation Training Requirements

Berkeley County School District bus drivers receive paid training, state benefits and are among the highest paid school bus drivers in South Carolina.

Training Standards

Federal Standards

Every driver hired by Berkeley County School is required to meet the following federal standards:

  • School bus drivers must have a valid driver's license and must be eligible to be trained and receive a Commercial Driver's License (CDL). Specifically, drivers must be able to obtain a Class B CLD, P/S/ & Air Brakes Endorsements.

  • Drivers must be 18 years of age or older

  • School bus drivers must meet all physical, mental and moral requirements established by the state in which the school district operates.

State Standards

Every driver hired by Berkeley County School is required to meet the following state standards:

  • Meet all requirements for the commercial driver’s license for transporting students.

  • Have no more than 4 current points against his or her driving record at the Department of Motor Vehicles.

  • Have had no more than 4 points against his or her driver’s license in the previous twelve months.

  • Have not had his or her driver's license suspended for a moving violation within the previous twelve months.

  • Complete the school bus training program within 180 days of the first day of classroom instruction.

  • Have a current DOT physical examination recorded on a state-approved form that is signed by a DOT certified medical examiner prior to initial certification and have a DOT physical examination every two years thereafter; or as deemed necessary by the DOT certified medical examiner.

  • Pass tests designed to identify illegal drug and alcohol use, with one of these tests being given prior to initial certification and the others being unannounced and/or random

  • Have at least twelve months of driving experience.

  • Undergo a criminal background check and must have good moral habits

  • Must have a clean driving record/history for the previous 10 years; driving records will be scrutinized and anyone with a DUI will be disqualified.

  • Must be able to pass the SCDE Physical Performance Test.

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