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  •  BCSD is expected to serve about 55,000 students by the year 2035 -- an increase of roughly 1,000 students per year for the next 20 years! That means BCSD will need at least 20 schools in  20 years, according to a 2015 growth projection study. Click HERE to see the full report.

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  • In partnership with our community, ignite in every student a passion for world-class knowledge and skills through dynamic instruction and personalized educational opportunities.

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Character Trait of the Month

  • January:

    Self-Discipline -- an awareness of the need for and the benefits of using impulse control in order to attain personal enhancement. For example, having students analyze various situations to determine the degree of control an individual has over one’s own behaviors. These and other strategies could lead to the development of realistic behavior change plans to promote self-control.

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