Student Registration

We are pleased you have chosen to enroll your child in Berkeley County School District.  Our goal is to simplify the registration process for all families. Registration is entirely web-based, including document uploads. For those unable to register online, please contact the school to schedule a date and time to complete the registration in-person.

Who is a New Student?

  • Students who are New to BCSD

  • Students who previously attended BCSD but are returning to BCSD after a separation (withdrawal) from the district.

  • Students who are qualified to enroll in Pre-K4 (CERDEP/Child Development)

  • Students who are enrolling in Kindergarten for the first time (not previously in CERDEP in BCSD)

  • Students moving from one school zone to another within BCSD (change of address)

Who is a Returning Student?

  • Enrolled BCSD students who will complete the 2023-2024 school year and plan to return to the same school within BCSD for the 2024-2025 school year.

  • Students moving from primary to elementary, elementary to middle, or middle to high within the same school zone.

  • Currently enrolled in Pre-K4 (CERDEP) in BCSD and remaining in the same school.

Active Duty Military

Active duty military families with current active duty orders to Joint Base Charleston residing anywhere in Berkeley County can choose to have their child attend Marrington Elementary and Marrington Middle School of the Arts, regardless of where their child is zoned. These schools are located on the base of Naval Weapon Station, Joint Base Charleston.  For more information call:

Marrington Elementary 


Marrington Middle


Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to answer all the questions?
All questions marked as required must be answered.

What if I make a mistake?
If you would like to make a change, prior to submitting the form, you can either navigate back to the page using the “< Prev” and “Next >” buttons or if you are on the Summary page, click on the underlined field. If you have already submitted the form, then you will need to contact your student’s school, so they can make the changes for you. 

I’ve completed the form, now what? 
Once you have finished entering your information, click “Submit.” This will send all of the information you have entered to the school. If you cannot click on this button, you will need to make sure that you have answered all the required questions.

What if I have more than one student in the district? Do I need to do this for each child?
Yes, because you’ll need to provide information that is specific for each child. We recommend that you complete and submit one form and then start another – this will allow you to share selected family information, which saves you time.

I'm not sure how to answer a question. I don't know what the question is asking.
You can contact your school to ask any general questions about the form.

Help! I’m having technical difficulties.
For technical support, please click “Contact Us” from any page for help documentation, reach us via the online ticket system, chat (bottom corner of web browser), or call support at (866) 752-6850.