• General Information

    The Berkeley County School District Student Records Department is responsible for the archiving of student cumulative records of former Berkeley County School District students. If you are in need of your school records for any reason, please read all of the instructions below. Please note that we do not store records for private/community schools in Berkeley County.    

    Per District policy and the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) student records are only available to those who have authorization from the student or parent, guardian or responsible person if the student is less than 18 years of age. If the student is 18 years of age or older, school records will not be released to a parent, guardian, or responsible person without the student’s written consent. 

    Additional Information

    Please read the following and submit your request through the appropriate organization/department to avoid delays with processing.

     Recent Graduates/  Attendees

    If you graduated in the last year, records will be available by request through Parchment at parchment.com until September of the year of graduation. If you withdrew from school within the last three (3) years, check with the last school attended to see if your records are still available there before submitting a request to the Records Department.

     GED Verification/  Replacement Diplomas


     Birth Certificate


     Immunization Record


     SAT Scores

    www.collegeboard.com or call 866-756-7346

     ACT Scores

    www.actstudent.org or call 319-337-1270

     WorkKeys Scores

    www.myworkkeys.com or call 800-967-5539

     Special Education
     (EX: IEP, 504 Plans)

    Special Education records are maintained in the BCSD Special Education Department: To request these records call 843-899-8647.


    How to Request a Transcript/School Records/Education Verification 

    Effective March 1, 2018, former students, educational institutions and authorized third parties MUST request transcripts and education verifications online. Allow a minimum of three (3) to five (5) business days to process your request. This processing time may be shorter or longer depending on the volume of requests. Phone, mail and fax requests will NOT be accepted.  

    Using the link below, complete the online form, submit payment and receive updates as your request is processed.Need My Transcript Please note that third parties will be required to upload a student release form as part of the verification process.

    Act 155 Diploma Appeals

     *Please note that you can either print the form and return it by mail, or submit the form online for processing.* This application will allow you to petition the Berkeley County School District's Board of Education per the process described below.

    The General Assembly passed legislation titled Act 155. It was signed into law by Governor Nikki R. Haley on April 14. The law states in part “Beginning with the graduating class of 2015, students are no longer required to meet the exit examination requirements set forth in in this section and State Regulation to earn a South Carolina high school diploma."

    Any former Berkeley County student who is no longer enrolled in a public school and who previously failed to receive a high school diploma or was denied graduation solely for failing to meet the exit exam requirements (BSAP or HSAP) may petition the Berkeley County school board to determine their eligibility to receive a high school diploma. This bill covers students from the graduating class of 1990 to the graduating class of 2014. The Berkeley County School board will transmit diploma requests to the South Carolina Department of Education in accordance with Department procedures, which are included below. 

    Former Berkeley County School District students eligible to receive a South Carolina high school diploma under these provisions must have met all other graduation requirements at the time of his or her high school attendance. All eligible candidates’ names must be verified and submitted to the State Department of Education by the Berkeley County School District designee. The State Department of Education will not accept requests directly from a diploma candidate. 

    The South Carolina Department of Education will begin processing requests from local school boards as soon as possible. Since this law applies to the graduating class of 2015, students in the graduating class of 2014 who are denied graduation solely for failing to meet the exit exam requirement may petition their local school board for a high school diploma as soon as they are no longer enrolled in public school, as outlined in the law.

    Learn more! Visit the state's Department of Education webpage to access a variety of tools related to this including a list of Frequently Asked Questions.

    Diploma Appeal

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