Reconsideration of Instructional Material Information

Board policy KNBA, adopted August 27, 1996, and last revised July 26, 2011, allows for a parent/legal guardian to request the reconsideration of instructional materials. See Request for reconsideration of instructional material form

In the absence of a formal request for reconsideration, the board recognizes the right of an individual parent to ask that particular instructional materials not be made available to his/her child. See Request for Alternate Instructional Material For an Individual Student Form

A teacher, library media specialist, guidance counselor or administrator may also request the reconsideration of material at his/her school believed to be age-inappropriate or for which there are no supporting reviews in recognized sources. Additionally, district office personnel may request reconsideration of such material at any school.

For more information regarding the request for reconsideration of instructional materials, see KNBA-AR Complaints About Instructional Materials (administrative rule)

Upcoming Review Committee Meetings and Recommendations

Instructional material reconsideration committee meetings are conducted in accordance with the provisions of the South Carolina Freedom of Information Act, and committee members are to follow policy KNBA-AR Complaints About Instructional Materials (administrative rule). Currently, there are over 90 books that have been challenged pursuant to this policy, and the District is in the process of beginning the review of these materials.  Due to the large number of challenges and the difficulty of reviewing the books in the timeframes established by the policy, the District has modified the book challenge review process to allow for the reviews to be conducted my multiple committees over the course of the 2023-2024 school year. 

Parents of students who attend schools in the District wishing to serve on an instructional material reconsideration committee are encouraged to fill out the Instructional Materials Review Committee Interest form.  

BCSD appreciates the patience and understanding of the public during the instructional materials reconsideration committee review. District and school staff are committed to ensuring the process is conducted as expeditiously as possible while continuing to fulfill day-to-day job duties and responsibilities.

Instructional Materials Review Committee Format

Committee members will read the material requested for reconsideration, study the request of the concerned parent/guardian and the rationale of the librarian, and examine critical views and opinions relevant to the material. The committee members will assess the material as a whole in relation to curricular needs, literary merit, and the school level at which the material is used. 

The format of the meeting will be as follows:

  • The meeting will be held virtually. A link will be provided to the public for observation purposes only. Participation in the meeting is restricted to the parent/guardian, librarian, and committee members.  

    • Members activate their cameras on their computers/devices at the beginning of the meeting and during the votes on recommendations. 

    • Cameras may be deactivated at all other times.

  • The committee will consider and discuss one book at a time.

  • The concerned parent/guardian will be granted two minutes per book to address the committee.

  • The librarian completing the rationale form will be granted two minutes per book to address the committee.

  • Each committee member will be granted two minutes to discuss each book IF the committee member wishes to speak.

  • Each committee member will have one vote per book as to whether or not the book will remain in circulation within Berkeley County School District.

Per policy KNBA, the committee will provide a recommendation to the Superintendent for each book within thirty days. The Superintendent will review the committee’s recommendation and accept or reject the committee’s recommendation. The Superintendent will submit a full report with his decision to the board and advise the Chief Academic and Innovation Officer (CAIO). The CAIO will inform all schools of the Superintendent’s decision. Within five days of the Superintendent’s position, a party may appeal the decision to the board. For more information, please see KNBA-AR Complaints About Instructional Materials (administrative rule)