Anonymous Tip Line for COVID-19 Concerns

Berkeley County School District (BCSD) has launched a COVID-19 safety concern voicemail tip line and expanded its mobile app-based anonymous tip line to accommodate COVID-19 safety concerns in response to federal guidelines. 

Updated OSHA guidelines, released in late January, encouraged employers to set up an anonymous process for workers to voice concerns about COVID-19 related hazards. BCSD has responded to and expanded upon this request by adjusting the current BCSD anonymous tip line, available on the BCSD app, to receive COVID-19 related concerns from employees, students, and parents. Those who prefer to make an anonymous report via voicemail are asked to call 843-899-8891. 

"We remain committed to offering high quality, in-person instruction supported by safe working and learning environments for our staff and students," said BCSD Superintendent Eddie Ingram. "We cannot address a problem if we are not aware so we hope that our staff, especially, will utilize this tip line to report any concerns related to the health and safety of our schools."  

Examples of what may be reported utilizing the anonymous tip line:

  • Staff/students not following BCSD COVID-19 health and safety guidelines on our campuses
  • Concentrated cleaning products used instead of the diluted product
  • Not cleaning areas properly

BCSD OSHA/Safety Officer Steve Brandenburg said school and district staff have worked harder than ever to adhere to ever-changing health and safety guidelines this year. 

"I commend all of our staff for their flexibility, adaptability and commitment to ensuring safe working and learning environments," Brandenburg said. "We have trained our custodial staff and administrators monthly with support from our cleaning solutions vendors and nursing services department. We also have a COVID Response Team that reviews COVID-19 related concerns weekly, and leadership that is very supportive and sensitive to safety concerns. This has been a difficult year but BCSD has risen to the challenge. Receiving reports we confirm as accurate will help us to adjust our training and address issues as they arise."

BCSD staff will monitor the BCSD app and voicemail tip lines daily, and will assign reports received to the appropriate department and/or school for investigation. Leaders expect that volume may be high initially so they ask for patience as they offer this new resource. 

"The pandemic has been on the forefront of many minds this year and some remain understandably concerned as we continue to navigate school during the pandemic," Ingram added. "We know that tip lines can become overwhelmed when first accepting reports, and the volume may be similar for ours, so we ask for patience as we validate and address reports received. Additionally, we ask that everyone understand that this is to be used for legitimate reports that will help improve health and safety on our campuses.”

Report a BCSD COVID-19 related concern:

  • BCSD app download links
  • BCSD voicemail: 843-899-8891