Can I have my child have multiple pickup and dropoff locations?

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Parents may choose to have their children picked up and/or dropped off at locations other than their homes. This state-funded service is available for students that are eligible riders, although the school bus stop must be in the attendance zone of the school the child is zoned to attend. The service allows students to be transported to and from day care facilities and/or other locations – a grandparent’s house, for example – at the parent’s request.

If you want your child’s school bus stop, morning and/or afternoon, to be at a location other than your residence, you must inform the school district or their representative in writing. School districts have a written procedure to manage this process. When changing the bus stop location for your child, you must give the school district adequate advanced notice so that changes in school bus routes or school bus assignments can be made. Most districts will not allow changes more than once or twice a year. Always make sure that your request is in writing, and get a school district confirmation that the changed stop will be implemented on a specific date.