Are young students also required to walk?

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State law does not consider the age of a student as a factor, so a five-year-old student receives the same level of service as a 19-year-old student. Both students may have to walk up to 1½ miles to school or, if they are eligible for state-funded school transportation, they may have to walk up to three-tenths of a mile to access their bus route. The State Department of Education (SDE) believes that young children should receive service closer to their homes and has recommended this change to General Assembly, but no legislation has been passed that would authorize it. The SDE also works with local school districts to prioritize school bus stop locations and the use of state hazardous transportation funding for kindergarten through third-grade students. Exceptions: Students attending half-day pre-school programs may receive a higher level of service. The trip for these students, either to school or back home, that does not include older students (kindergarten, first grade, etc.) will load or unload students as close as possible to their designated origins or destinations, respectively.