School Bus Safety Rules

The most important mission for Student Transportation Services is the safety of every student who rides a school bus or activity bus.  In order to ensure each student has a safe ride, the student code of conduct applies to all students while at the bus stop, on the school bus or on any Berkeley County School District (BCSD) vehicle. Inappropriate behavior will be treated with the same level of scrutiny as inappropriate behavior in the classroom and will lead to appropriate school consequences in accordance with the Student Behavior Code and includes suspension from bus riding.  In addition to the Student Behavior Code, students must also follow the Safety Rules listed below.    



  • No glass containers, baseball or softball bats, lacrosse sticks or skateboards are allowed on the bus.
  • No spitting, eating or drinking on the bus.
  • No profanity, verbal abuse, harassment, teasing, obscene or sexual gestures.
  • No standing while the bus is in motion.
  • No hanging any part(s) of your anatomy out a window or passing items through the window.
  • No throwing or shooting any type of objects.
  • No play fighting or horse playing.
  • Do not ride any bus that you are not assigned to.
  • Do not ride any bus during a suspension of bus privileges.
  • Do not vandalize the bus or ignite any flammable object.
  • Do not hold onto the bus from the outside.
  • Do not make excessive noise or other disruptive behavior.
  • Keep your feet, body and bags out of the aisle.
  • Do not block the aisle with band instruments or book bags.
  • Students must always obey the directions of the driver.
  • Do not exhibit behavior that disturbs the students or driver.
  • Talk quietly and avoid loud, boisterous behavior, including singing,clapping, stomping or yelling.
  • No spraying of cologne, deodorant, body spray or any other type chemicals or aerosols, pump spray or lotion while on the bus.
  • Never tamper with the emergency exits or any other part of the bus including lights, horn, fire extinguishers and first aid equipment unless there are reasonable grounds to believe that an actual emergency situation exits.
  • Students may only board and exit the bus at their designated stop or school, unless otherwise approved.
  • Be at the bus stop ten (10) minutes prior to scheduled pick-up time.
  • Usage of cell phone, iPod, MP3, hand game device or other device that causes a disruption on the bus or distraction to the driver.


 Additionally, these rules apply on the school bus:

    • Students must not sit on their book bags or legs because a serious injury could occur if the child rises above the height of the seat.
    • Students must sit in their assigned seats. They can be held responsible for any vandalism to their seat or in the general area of their seat.
    • Students must be quiet when the bus approaches and crosses railroad tracks.
    • Objects that the driver deems dangerous to other riders will not be allowed on the bus.