Student Transportation Services


Through partnerships and teamwork we will provide a cooperative, responsive and personal approach to ensure safe, reliable, and efficient transportation services. A department that is committed to supporting instructional and extra-curriculum programs for our students and schools.


Our goal is to be a leader in the school transportation industry that will and serve as a model program that enrich the lives of students, schools and communities we serve.


To be known for a world class pupil transportation program that strives to ensure exceptional safety, customer satisfaction, and support.


  • We believe that safety is priority. Ensuring our passengers are safe is our greatest responsibility.
  • We must display a sense of responsibility as we are accountable for everything we do; ensuring that our actions are led by our commitment to our students, schools, and communities.
  • We are motivated to deliver exceptional support and services by “going the extra mile”.
  • We will work together in a cohesive manner that will create mutual respect, trustworthy communication, and a friendly and positive atmosphere.
  • Our empowered management efforts will bring continuous professional development that will encourage our staff to better serve our students, schools, and communities.
  • Strive to create and maintain relationships with our students, schools, and communities we serve.