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More of this, less of that in 2022

Published on Tuesday, Jan. 11, 2022

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More A's, less B's.

More birthday presents, less chores.

More hunting, less shopping.

Tori Huerth's third-graders at Foxbank Elementary recently narrowed down their goals for 2022. Her students decided to focus on what they want to do more and less of -- check out what they came up with for their New Year's Resolutions.


Jillian Davis

More: Including Savannah (sister).

Less: Not including Savannah.


Lydia Dawson

More: I want to be more healthy and drink more water also exercise more and try as hard as I can at everything I do.

Less: I want to pick up my dog less and feed my dog human food less also I don’t want to be lazy.


Asher Donovan

More: I want more A's.

Less: I want less B's.


Felicity Englehardt

More: I want to do more reading

Less: I want to spend less time inside


Keeghan Heckendorn

More: I want to play video games more this year.

Less: I want to spend less time playing in school.


Bailey Howe

More: I would like to spend more time outdoors.

Less: I would like to not spend as much time on the TV.


Maxriel Maggay

More: Playing outside at my house.

Less: Spend less time with my second cousin.


Ethan Marshall

More: I want to read more.

Less: I want to stay inside less.


Terrell Richardson

More: I want to make World Records and YouTube videos.

Less: I want to do less watching TV and playing Prodigy.


Elizabeth Robertson

More: I want to save more money.

Less: Drink less juice.


Ty Sanders

More: Presents for my birthday.

Less: Chores around the house.


Harper Slaton

More: I want to run and play outside.

Less: Eat a lot less.


Olivia Smoyer

More: Running with my dog.

Less: Being inside with my dog.


John Ulett

More: I want to work out more this year.

Less: I want to eat junk food less this year.


Davis West

More: I want to do more hunting.

Less: I don't want to do shopping.


Elias Wylie

More: I want to play video games.

Less: I want to exercise less.


Mrs. Tori Huerth

More: I want to run more this year.

Less: I want to spend less time on technology.