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PHOTOS: BHS theatre students pay a visit to FBE

Published on Tuesday, Dec. 7, 2021

group of BHS students performing in front of seated FBE students

BCSD photos / Monica Kreber

Elementary students love a good performance -- especially one that is put on by visiting high school students.

Students from Berkeley High's Theatre 1 program paid a visit to a couple of their elementary feeder schools this past week to put on a fun performance for some of BCSD's youngest learners. The high school students went out to Berkeley Elementary last week and then came out to Foxbank Elementary on Monday.

Berkeley High students led a funny "Dragon Tales" performance to enterain the children (there were lots of giggles and cheers from the crowd). Theatre 1 students performed for each of the younger grade levels throughout the day in the courtyard behind Foxbank Elementary.

The theatre students are led by drama teacher Judi Moriarty, who said her Theatre 1 students typically do a fun performance at the feeder schools every semester, and it is part of the program's curriculum to perform in front of an audience.

Visiting the elementary schools is two-fold: it provides leadership opportunities for the older students, and it is also a chance to garner interest in Berkeley High's theatre program for when the younger students head off to high school in a few years.

"I think it's a really good outreach," Moriarty said.

Check out photos from Monday's performance at Foxbank Elementary.


first graders smiling during performance two BHS boys dressed as knights



Monica Kreber