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Nights In Community Meetings set for Philip Simmons

Revised on Wednesday, April 19, 2023

Berkeley County School District is committed to keeping its families and constituents involved in finding ways to best support students. With that, there are community engagement opportunities happening in coming weeks, which include the district’s new “Nights In” series. 

The “Nights In” community sessions target specific attendance zones and communities; residents and constituents are invited to attend a session happening in their area as a chance to sit down with Superintendent Dr. Anthony Dixon other district office employees, and hear and exchange ideas about what they would like to see happening in BCSD’s schools.

The next session is happening on April 24 from 6 p.m. to 7:30 p.m. at Philip Simmons Middle.


“Our community members need to hear from us, and we need to hear from them. That’s what these community listening sessions are all about,” said BCSD Superintendent Dr. Anthony Dixon. 

“In many cases, if not all, our schools are the heart of their communities. For that reason, we must engage those groups. We must have a clear understanding of what our community members believe is working and isn’t working. They, also, should have information on how our schools and district as a whole are addressing opportunities and challenges. If we are to maximize how Berkeley County School District makes a positive difference, we must provide chances for engaged community members to pull up a chair, roll up their sleeves and sit at the table.”