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Isabella Marie Corbit Nominated for Presidential Scholar Award

Published Thursday, January 5, 2022

Berkeley County School District is excited to recognize its three nominees for the U.S. Presidential Scholar Award.

BCSD has the opportunity to nominate three students to represent the district for the award every year. The U.S. Presidential Scholars Program was established by President Lyndon Johnson in 1964. Since that time, the program has honored more than 8,000 high school seniors on the basis of outstanding scholarly achievements.

Initially, nominees were recognized based on SAT or ACT scores, but as the program evolved, candidates have been recognized in other ways. Since 2013, Chief State School Officers have been invited to nominate candidates from their states for the Academic/General Component category, and in 2016, outstanding students who demonstrated excellence in Career and Technical Education (CTE) were included for recognition.

BCSD is proud to announce that Isabella Marie Corbit is one of our three students who will be recognized on the state level and will potentially move on to the national level.

Isabella Corbit 

What makes Izzy an outstanding scholar? This is the response to that question taken from her application packet: Izzy is an outstanding scholar because her leadership skills and drive for success are characteristics that have shaped her into the person she is today. Izzy said education has always been incredibly important to her. As a natural observer and creative problem solver, she has excelled as both a student and an individual. Throughout all years of schooling, she has taken academic achievement very seriously, as she hopes to become an engineer when she graduates from college, which is a rigorous career path. She believes that the reason she is an outstanding scholar is not because she is some "genius prodigy" or "incredibly gifted," but because she has such a hard work ethic. No matter what the subject is, she always finds motivation to complete any task to the best of her ability and research areas in which she is struggling to fully understand what it is she is learning. Izzy said there has never been a time when she has settled for simply not comprehending something, and she believes that this has helped her succeed in all aspects of her life. She has gained a lot of recognition for her academic achievements, including official awards from the College Board and from her community. She has also been heavily involved with school sports and clubs. She was a state All-Star volleyball player this year, served as the editor of Philip Simmons High's literary magazine, senior class vice president, National Honors Society treasurer and National Art Honors Society vice president.