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PSH art students win big at Coastal Carolina Fair

Published Tuesday, November 15, 2022

Mia Cobb's art submission Rebecca Gehringer's art submission Elizabeth Habakus's art submission Ava Van Delden's art submission Olivia Park's art submission Schoene Stechmesser's art submission Ashna Patel's art submission Riley Woodridge's art submission Isabella Corbit's art submission Olivia Pope's art submission 

BCSD Photos / Mia Grimm

PSH art students had a fantastic year at the Coastal Carolina Fair's Youth Art Show! With artwork submitted from all over the tri-county area, 10 students received some sort of award at this year's fair. 

For more information about the 2022 Youth Art Show's rules and awards, visit the Coastal Carolina Fair website.

Here are our winners!

Exchange Club of Charleston Award

  • Ashna Patel

Judge's Award

  • Elizabeth Habakus
  • Olivia Park
  • Isabella Corbit

First Place

  • Mia Cobb
  • Rebecca Gehringer
  • Olivia Pope

Second Place

  • Ava Van Delden
  • Schoene Stechmesser
  • Riley Woolridge