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What is i-Ready?

If you are finding yourself on this page, it’s likely because your student is taking or will soon take an i-Ready assessment. You’re likely looking for more information, so please review the information below. If you have other questions, contact your school administrator. 

What is i-Ready?

The i-Ready Diagnostic is an assessment designed to adjust to each student’s needs. The assessment provides individualized data used to determine how to best support each student’s learning. It’s given three times in the school year, and those dates can be found in our district testing calendar. Assessment data is used to personalize instruction with lessons based on individual skill level and needs. i-Ready assessments are given to students in K-8th grade and are optional for 9th grade. 

Why is i-Ready a requirement?

South Carolina Legislature Act 213 requires all districts and charter schools to conduct universal screening and report the results to the SC Department of Education. South Carolina Legislature Proviso 1.96 names i-Ready as a state-approved assessment. 

What subject areas are covered?

Reading: phonological awareness, phonics, high-frequency words, vocabulary, literary text comprehension and informational text comprehension.

Mathematics: numbers and operations, algebra and algebraic thinking, measurement and data, geometry. 

Still have unanswered questions?

Additional information for families regarding the i-Ready can be found in the i-Ready Family Center. If you are a BCSD educator looking for additional information on the administration of an i-Ready assessment, please follow this link.