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BCSD graduates score $5,000 from Berkeley Electric Cooperative

Originally published on Tuesday, June 28, 2022

Berkeley Electric Cooperative recently named eight recent high school graduates from Berkeley County School District who earned funds to help them pursue higher education goals.

These students earned $5,000 each through the Operation Round Up program. This is a voluntary program where members of Berkeley Electric Cooperative combine their money to help fund worthy projects and help those in need within its service area. Operation Round Up is administered by Berkeley Electric Trust, a board of directors made up of community leaders from its service territory who serve on a voluntary basis.

Under the educational section of the Trust, it is the Trust Board’s aim to provide scholarships for children of members/guardians of Berkeley Electric Cooperative. (Children of Berkeley Electric Cooperative’s Board and employees, including the Trust’s Board, are not eligible for the scholarships).

Some of the requirements for applying for students include having a GPA of 2.5 or higher and having a total family annual income under $75,000. Students must be graduating seniors with plans to attend an accredited college or technical/trade school after graduation. Applicants must also have the endorsement of their guidance counselor confirming their qualifications, among other requirements (learn more about the program).

This year, Operation Round Up was able to provide 10 scholarships to graduating seniors, eight of which who just graduated in Berkeley County. Congratulations to the following graduates:

  • Tatum Carr, Cane Bay High
  • Ashton Howard, Cross High
  • Radha Patel, Stratford High
  • Destiny Taylor, Philip Simmons High
  • Zaire Croker, Berkeley High
  • Marquisha Johnson, Timberland High
  • Dylan Ruggiero, Hanahan High
  • Kayla Wilson, Goose Creek High