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PHOTOS/VIDEO: Cameroon children receive portraits from PSH

Published on Thursday, May 12, 2022

children in cameroon receiving portraits

Last year, Philip Simmons High art teacher Paige Duvall got her advanced art students involved in a special project.

After coming across an organization called The Memory Project, Duvall got her students to create self-portraits of students living in group homes and foster homes in Cameroon and India. Read original story.

Duvall has since gotten her students involved in the project again, and her students' artwork went out on Jan. 23. The organization reportedly experienced some trouble getting the artwork from the United States to Cameroon because of the reactivation of Cameroon as a conflict zone. 

In March, Ben Schumaker, the founder of The Memory Project, sent out an e-mail to art teachers to let them know their students' artwork was successfully delivered to children in Cameroon. In the e-mail, Schumaker said the ongoing pandemic caused many logistical challenges in getting the artwork delivered, and ultimately the organization had to meet up with their Cameroonian contact in France to hand over the portraits.

Check out the artwork made by Philip Simmons High's art students.

Check out video of the artwork being delivered.

group shot of students with portraits students with portraits group shot