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Hanahan Elementary's Kellie Tuberty does 'whatever it takes' for students

Published Tuesday, October 2, 2018

Kellie Tuberty

Kellie Tuberty (BCSD photo)

Kellie Tuberty sees each day as a teacher as an opportunity to learn something new and do something exciting. Her pursuit of the adventure learning provides is also what she and coworkers believe fuels her greatest attributes – perseverance and inclusion.

The 1st-grade teacher at Hanahan Elementary loves watching students thrive when supported and provided the proper accommodations.

“My favorite aspect of teaching is that I do special education inclusion,” she said.

For Mrs. Tuberty, inclusion is much more than simply involving everyone in a lesson. She describes it as her style. It’s a style supported by a genuine interest in each of her students and dedication to their success.

“I enjoy when students have that moment where what you are teaching them just clicks,” she said. “The kid smiles and they are so proud of themselves. It is fabulous to be involved in that moment.”

While she finds satisfaction in those moments, it’s those classroom experiences that remind her teaching is an altruistic calling. She aims to be a selfless problem solver, drawing inspiration from her closest family members.

“My biggest inspiration over the years is my mom,” she said. “She is such a good person and role model. She is the most selfless person I know. I look up to her in every way.”

Hanahan Elementary School Principal Tom Sparkman said that selfless support of students and teachers has a visible impact on the campus.

“Mrs. Tuberty is widely regarded in our school as a problem solver,” Mr. Sparkman said. “She is eager to support other teachers with behavior plans, strategies or lessons to provide each student the support that they need. She can often be found chatting with colleagues both on her grade level and on other teams.”

When it comes to how far Tuberty will go to support students, Sparkman said she is always willing to do “whatever it takes.”

“Her greatest attribute is perseverance. She does not give up,” he said.

Mrs. Tuberty is a graduate of Ashland University. She was the 2017-18 Teacher of the Year at Hanahan Elementary.

Brian Troutman