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Teachers are Heroes: Valerie Rose enjoys giving back to BCSD

Published Monday, July 2, 2018

Photo of Mrs. Valerie Rose

Valerie Rose (BCSD photo)

Valerie Rose has education in her blood. Women in her family have been teachers since the early 1900s.

But while teaching is a family tradition, she will tell you her decision to become an educator was less about heritage and more about the desire to prepare the young minds that will mold the future.

She credits her passion to the teachers she had as a student of the Westview schools. Now, she dedicates all she can to facilitate learning for another generation of students on the same campus.

“The relationships forged by their dedication and respect live within me, and because of them, I aspire to create the same type of relationships with the students and teachers I work with on a daily basis,” Mrs. Rose said.

She finds joy in teaching and learning, and among her proudest moments as an educator are the times when she can see that a children “gets it” during or after a lesson.

As she pushes her students for excellence, she also challenges herself to continue learning. Currently she’s pursuing a doctorate of education in education systems improvement science at Clemson University. She also holds a master of education in education leadership from The Citadel; a master of education in teaching from Schreiner University and a bachelor of science in psychology from Maryland University College.

"She is passionate, has a heart for serving others and always has a positive attitude," WVE Principal Shawn Wimmer said.  

While she does all she can for her students, Mrs. Rose also dedicates time to helping colleagues. The character traits that push her to do so are things she also hopes to instill in her students.

“I am a facilitator. I want students engaged in collaborative, problem solving, activity-based learning opportunities because these activities help promote self-discovery and develop problem-solving skills, which helps students develop a much deeper understanding the content materials being studied.”       

Mrs. Rose describes herself as passionate and dedicated. She not only wants success for her student and herself, but she wants to see every child and educator in Berkeley County succeed. She’s there for support, because when she needed, educators at BCSD had her back.

“Being able to give back to Berkeley County School District is what I enjoy the most about teaching in the district. There are so many BCSD educators that helped me develop into the teacher I am today, and I think the best way to show them my gratitude is to follow in their footsteps,” she said.

While there are sometimes circumstances out of her control, you can be assured if there is a situation less than ideal, it wasn’t due to lack of effort.

“Despite all of our efforts, things may not work out, but this does not mean we stop trying. We forge on and do all that we can to accomplish a goal,” she said.

Valerie Rose was announced in February 2017 as the 2017-2018 Teacher of the Year for Westview Primary School. She spent last school year as an instructional coach at Westview Elementary and will be back in the classroom for the 2018-2019 school year at Mount Holly Elementary as a kindergarten teacher.                                                             

Brian Troutman