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What do we want for our children?

Photos in students in different learning environments

These photos show students in two different learning environments. The first image shows students interacting during a Google coding session. The second shows a student taking a practice test on a scannable bubble sheet. (BCSD photos)

I visited Whitesville Elementary the other day and I appreciated the visit from Gov. McMaster. It was fun and I enjoyed seeing the kids having fun.  I have also visited classrooms across the district thanking our hard-working, dedicated teachers for their service. Look at the two pictures, and tell me which would you rather see your kids doing in school?

Know that our teachers want to be unhitched from the post! There is a lot of creativity sitting on the sidelines of a teacher's arsenal because they feel compelled to have our kids practice for standardized tests. Some kids think they won't be promoted if they don't do well on one test. NOT TRUE!

We need your permission, direction and cover!  More to come on this subject!


Eddie Ingram, Ed. D.