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BCSD board passes 1st reading of proposed attendance line changes

Published Friday, March 1, 2019

During a special Berkeley County Board of Education Meeting Thursday, the first reading was held on a proposed attendance line change designed to alleviate some pressure on Cane Bay High.

With the Cane Bay area rapidly growing, the student population at the high school has exceeded program capacity.

Board members voted in favor of proposed attendance line Option C, which moves about 687 students zoned for Cane Bay High to Stratford High.

The voting followed presentations, public comment and discussion held by board members.

“Option C is a whole lot better than the first option.” said District 5 board representative David Barrow.

As the District 5 board member, Mr. Barrow represents Cane Bay High, the Sangaree schools and Stratford High.

“It’s (Option A) not a viable option, because we split the Sangaree community. We would have half the kids on one side of the street going to Stratford and half the kids on the other side of the street going to Cane Bay. That’s not in the best interest of the community and dividing students,” he said.

Board chair Sally Wofford spoke briefly to the passion of parents in attendance, some who voiced frustration at times during the meeting.

“My heart is broken,” Mrs. Wofford said. “I went through the same thing. I, 100 percent understand your compassion. My high school was closed. It doesn’t exist anymore. …We have a really hard decision to make.”

The board also made an amendment to include students already established in fine arts programs in the guideline/exception proposals.

Following feedback from parents, the board also requested additional looks be taken at transportation and the possibility of providing some transportation options before voting takes place on the 2nd reading.

It’s expected the board will hold a second reading and vote on all related proposals at its regular meeting on March 12.


Brian Troutman