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Suzette Coors: students are the 'why' behind teaching profession

Published on Monday, April 27, 2020

Suzette Coors

BCSD photo / Brian Troutman : Suzette Coors

When she was in middle school, Suzette Coors had a seventh-grade language arts teacher who taught her more than reading and writing strategies; she learnred life lessons that taught her how to empathize with people who were different from her, and she was challenged to think critically about culturally diverse stories and perspectives.

In high school, her 12th-grade AP English teacher carried an ethusiasm for literacy and a compassion for students that sparked a kind of magic in the classroom.

Coors now credits her former teachers and her undergraduate experience at The University of Georgia for establishing the foundation for her to make meaningful contributions to education. She strives to provide innovative learning experiences during each stage of learning using poetry, “book snaps,” and student advocacy as methods for each student to pursue their passions.

Coors teaches seventh-grade English/language arts and social studies teacher at Philip Simmons Middle, where she has taught for four years. She is one of eight semifinalists for Berkeley County School District's Teacher of the Year.

She attributes her students as the "why" behind her decision to be a teacher. 

"I often tell my students that they inspire me in ways they may not even realize, and the fundamental reason that I continue to pour my heart and mind into each day as their teacher is to aid them on their journey of discovering their passions, hidden talents and abilities, and ultimately, their purpose in life," she wrote in her Teacher of the Year application.

Coors has been active in multiple areas of the district and her school. She has helped in writing curriculum units for a secondary language arts course. She has served as the "Sunshine" Committee chair for two years at her school to help with teacher retention. Over the course of her four years she has designed and implemented three separate service-oriented STEAM units that incorporate the framework for personalized learning, among other roles she has performed.

BCSD will announce the District Teacher of the Year in late May.