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BMS teacher Amy Adams recognized by Jostens Renaissance

Published on Monday, April 6, 2020

amy adams

BCSD provided photo

Amy Adams, a seventh-grade science teacher at Berkeley Middle, has been named the Jostens Renaissance National Staffulty Member of the Month for April 2020.

The recognition is for a deserving staff or faculty member who has made an impact within their school or community through Jostens Renaissance, according to a press release.

Jostens Renaissance is a program that focuses on recognizing students and staff. The core of the program revolves around the five R’s: what you Respect, Reward, Recognize and Reinforce, equals Results.

As a former chemist who has served in different positions throughout the area, teaching was a career change for Adams, but in 2017 she bit the bullet and is now in her third year teaching.

Adams said the Renaissance program is designed to change the climate and culture of a school. Berkeley Middle is in its first year implementing the program’s standards.

“Everything we do, we try to make sure it incorporates those traits,” she said.

The press release stated Adams was selected based on her exceptional dedication and commitment to the values of Berkeley Middle and Jostens Renaissance. She has led the efforts to ensure that the climate and culture within the building are focused around the success of all students and staff.

Adams credited the success of this year’s program to her school’s teachers and administration who make up the Renaissance team.

“We have a really good team to accomplish what we want to accomplish,” she said.

Principal Mike Wilkerson said in an e-mail Adams has worked to form a Renaissance Club on campus and planned many Renaissance activities including a school-wide “Kindness Day”, which consisted of activities designed to encourage kindness, compassion and acceptance among all students.

“Her work has resulted in many positive changes to our school culture,” he said.

Adams was nominated by eighth-grade science teacher Larsen Tedder, with whom she works closely and is part of the team as well.

The press release included Tedder’s nomination letter: “Ms. Adams has spent countless hours working to make Renaissance successful in our school. Her attention to detail is like no other and she is the most helpful and positive person I have ever had the pleasure of working with. My favorite event that Amy helped host was a ‘Kindness Day.’ During this day, we changed the whole school schedule and allowed students to attend different sessions. There were discussions about disabilities, obstacles, and overcoming it all. I have never been more proud to be a Berkeley Middle School Buck.”

Tedder said she nominated Adams because “she has been the most amazing coworker I've ever had.”

“Although she was finishing the PACE program and raising four kids, she still made time to help make sure this program succeeded,” Tedder said in an e-mail. “The kids love and respect her – she's the perfect balance.”

Tedder said in four months, Adams raised $5,000 for the school’s program and helped host many events.

“If you ask her, she'd say that I'm the brains of the program but she is truly the workforce,” Tedder said. “She helps me take my ideas and move them to a reality. All that she truly wants is for Berkeley Middle to be the best school possible and she wants ALL students to be recognized. I could not be more grateful for her.”

Adams said Tedder is very deserving of the recognition as well.

“It is nice, but I really do feel like we’re a team,” she said.

With students doing virtual learning while the schools are closed, Adams said she misses her students.

“I miss them incredibly,” she said. “The vast majority of them just want to come back.”

Adams is being showcased in the national Jostens Renaissance newsletter and on the website ( and will receive several items of recognition.

Monica Kreber