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See something? Say something!

Published on Friday, Sept. 23, 2022

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If students, parents or teachers ever see something that can potentially be identified as bullying, violence or any type of criminal behavior, there are anonymous reporting resources available to bring it to the attention of Berkeley County School District's Security and Emergency Management team.

The district asks anyone who observes or has been a victim of bullying, threats, or a crime at school to “say something” on the district’s 24-hour free and anonymous tip line, or submit the report via the district mobile app. The reports are checked daily by the district’s Security & Emergency Management team.

These resources are a part of “See Something, Say Something," a national campaign that raises public awareness to the indicators of terrorism and terrorism-related crime, as well as the importance of reporting suspicious activity to state and local law enforcement.

In Berkeley County School District, residents are encouraged to use the following anonymous reporting resources to help ensure the safety and security of all students. Tim Knight, Director of Security and Emergency Management for BCSD, said his team is alerted to reports via e-mail and text, and each report is thoroughly investigated.

“We want to encourage our students…to report to us, regardless if they feel like it’s credible or not,” Knight said.

If anyone calls 1-855-OK-SAY-IT, they will get a pre-recorded voice that directs them on how to report the tip; residents can report on bullying, harassment, weapons, violence, vandalism, drug or alcohol abuse, or any criminal activity happening in or around a school or district building.

BCSD families can also report anonymous tips by downloading the district’s mobile app, which is free in mobile app stores. Once downloaded, users can select the icon on the main app page that reads “tip line” and go from there.

Security and Emergency Management officer Cheretha Kinlaw-Hickman said these anonymous tips go beyond the school campuses; "See Something, Say Something" can be applied to online activity, especially in regards to social media and cyberbullying.

“As a result of individuals reporting to this app, numerous incidents have been cleared up by investigation of the school district,” she said, adding, “We take all reports seriously and all of them are investigated.”

Safety and Emergency Management team members alluded to a time years ago when a student made disparaging remarks online, threatening to self-harm; someone reported it anonymously and the district was able to provide help for that student.

The tip line does not trace phone calls; BCSD reassures the effect of anonymity.

“It’s the safest way for anyone who wanted to truly remain anonymous,” Knight said.

This campaign is not a substitute for reporting an active emergency; residents are still encouraged to call members of law enforcement in such a situation.