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BCSD administrators get ready for a new school year

Published on Tuesday, Aug. 2, 2022

administrators working at tables
BCSD photos / Monica Kreber

Berkeley County School District administrators are getting ready for the upcoming school year, and part of that preparation is making sure they are supporting teachers so that they can better support the students.

Last week, administrators gathered at Westview Middle for a three-day long annual professional development event known as BCSD's Leadership Conference. It is a time for principals and assistant principals to learn new ways to evolve as leaders and share ideas for the upcoming school year through a series of workshops, group discussions and classroom sessions. 

Part of this year's conference was a session led by BCSD's Academics and Innovation team members, where they highlighted a "Teaching and Learning Model" that is being developed to provide all BCSD educators with the guidance and resources to strengthen instruction and meet the needs of every student.

The model is not something new; it is something teachers and administrators are already utilizing. Academics and Innovation team members stressed the model is going to empower administrators and staff members, as leaders, to develop and implement lessons that contain explicit instruction and opportunities for exploration in the classroom.

Jennifer Croley, director of curriculum and instruction for BCSD, said that by utilizing the Teaching and Learning Model across the district and in all classrooms, the Division of Academics and Innovation will be able to provide focused professional development to teachers, curriculum coaches, and administrators.

"By providing a strong and equitable instructional program, BCSD will help each learner be successful," she said.

Teachers officially report back to school Aug. 8 and students come back Aug. 15. Families are encouraged to check their children's school websites for additional information, like school supplies lists, as the First Day of School approaches.

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