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Photos: Berkeley Middle tries fusible glass art

Published Friday, June 3, 2022

Berkeley Middle's sixth grade unified art class got a special visit from local fusible glass artist, Angel Barnhart. Barnhart is the owner of Barnhart Glass Art and was invited to share her story and craft with the class by Mary Polen, the school's art teacher.

For the class, students with special needs and general education students made sun catchers that mimicked Barnhart's technique of layering colored glass pieces on top of a clear glass base to create fusible glass art. Students arranged and glued the colored pieces of glass on a small, clear rectangular glass base for Barnhart to take back to her studio and fire. 

The students received their finished pieces during the last week of school, just in time to take them home for summer.

Student works on glass art project. Angel Barnhart helps students with there glass art pieces. Glass art sun catchers arranged on a tray. Students receive their finished sun catchers