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Thank you, SROs!

Published on Friday, Jan. 7, 2022

anthony carlo running with football SHS SROs with police cadets brad scrio making slime in science class travis dodd doing push ups on board at BHS game

Berkeley County School District’s school resource officers, commonly referred to as SROs, are more than just a member of law enforcement that exists inside a school building.

They all have their different “niche” at their perspective schools, but they go out of their way to not only ensure students’ safety, but to make sure they are helping prepare them for life after graduation.

BCSD’s SROs are taking the time to toss the football around at recess with elementary students. They are making “slime” in a middle school science lab. They are implementing restorative practices with high schoolers to help them turn around bad behavior.

Many of these mentor roles are highlighted in BCSD’s Know Your SRO series, which sheds a light on some of the individual SROs in the district over the past year (with more stories to come).

Sunday is National Law Enforcement Appreciation Day, and Berkeley County School District would like to thank its SROs for being good role models to students, and continuing to go above and beyond to keep its schools safe.

Thank you, BCSD SROs!

cephus rogers plays cornhole with high schoolers  wesley scott greets students in hallway antwan richardson plays basketball with kids CBH SROs visit law enforcement class