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Board approves measures to increase pay for all employees

David BarrowPublished Wednesday, April 28, 2021

At the Tuesday, April 27 meeting of the Berkeley County Board of Education, two actions were taken to increase the pay of all BCSD employees.

In two separate agenda items, the board voted to provide all employees with a two percent salary increase and to provide all employees a step increase. Votes by the board received applause as the action items moved through the process.

BCSD Chief Financial Officer Ashley Smith said the two percent pay increase will begin on May 1 and the first paycheck to reflect the increase would be the normal check issued on May 30.

Smith said the measure allows BCSD to be “competitive and more comparable to other school districts in the area.”

Step increases were suspended statewide due to financial uncertainties caused by the COVID-19 virus. In March, South Carolina lawmakers passed a bill that would fund the step increase for most teachers in public school districts. The BCSD board took the measure a step further by voting to fund a step increase for all employees – including those not funded by the state.

“I don’t ever recall a time a time that there was an increase in which all employees weren’t included.” said board chair David Barrow. “…Seems like it would be a shame to allow some employees to get the benefit of a step increase and not allowing everyone. Because, everyone is important. Every job matters. Every person is responsible for something that kids need in this school district.”

Employees not funded by the state will be asked to sign an agreement stating that they plan to work through June 15, 2021 to qualify for the retroactive step increase.

The school district will provide a one-time, lump sum payment of the entire step increase due to employees by June 15th. Payments to employees not funded by the state are not automatic. There must be a signed agreement on file from those employees before payment can be made.