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SHS and WVM record performance assessments

Published on Friday, April 2, 2021

Stratford High and Westview Middle band students recently collaborated on a couple of recordings that viewers can now watch online.

In late March, Stratford students recorded their State Concert Perfromance Assessment; they treated it like any other assessment, with students dressed in the full ensemble (tuxedos, gowns, etc.). 

Both the Stratford Wind Orchestra and the Stratford Concert Band performances were recorded in the school's ampitheatre on March 25.  

Stratford High's band and orchestra students receive instruction from band directors, Josh Artz and Todd B. Smith, plus student teacher Jonathan Hernandez. 

"Their execution was professional and, I believe, the best of characteristics and virtues of Stratford were in full force to help us reach our goals," Smith said.

That same week, Artz and Smith traveled to Westview Middle to work with its band director, Ronnie Ward, and the eighth-grade band students to do a joint Assessment recording. The schools hosted a panel of judges for the assessment. Students performed inside of Westview Middle's multipurpose room on March 31. 

"These middle schoolers haven’t had a concert since December 2019 so to hear them make music so expertly was refreshing and they truly knocked it out of the park," Smith said. 

Click the links below to check out the performances; there is an added bonus selection from "The Mandalorian" in the middle school performance.

SHS wind orchestra

Stratford Wind Orchestra (Top Group)


SHS concert band

Stratford Concert Band (all band students)


WVM band

WestFord Knight Warrior Band