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Student Spotlight: SRE second-grader Jaxson Bellanger served school on Safety Patrol

Published on Tuesday, March 30, 2021

jaxson bellanger

At Sangaree Elementary, Jaxson Bellanger believes he makes a good leader because he tries to follow “The 7 Habits”, and he has played an active role on his school’s Safety Patrol.

Bellanger is a second-grader in Shelley Jenkins’s class.

As a Leader In Me school, Sangaree Elementary implements “The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People,” a school transformation model focused on building leadership among students and staff.

The concept of a Leader In Me school is implemented in multiple ways, including following a leadership model that teaches students to set, track and achieve their goals; learning and applying the leadership principles in school staff work; and giving students leadership roles at school.

Sangaree Elementary’s Safety Patrol offers such leadership opportunities for which students have to apply. He is not currently on Safety Patrol – “but I did like Safety Patrol,” he said. “It was my first time being on Safety Patrol.”

Even though he is not on the patrol now, Bellanger can re-apply if he wants. He does not know if he will apply again, but he said wants to be back on Safety Patrol.

When he was still serving, Bellanger’s responsibilities included greeting everyone in the morning, walking other students to class, doing temperature checks and reminding others to wear their masks the appropriate way (over the nose and over the mouth). He also got to talk into Title I Facilitator Tammy Alessandro’s walkie talkie.

Bellanger’s favorite subjects in school are math, recess and lunch – “because I’m always hungry, I don’t know why.” When he grows up he wants to be a police officer.

Bellanger enjoys playing baseball in Gahagan Park in Summerville – he plays short stop.

“I just like catching the ball and hitting, and defense,” he said.

He likes being at Sangaree Elementary (“It’s a cool school”) and is looking forward to hanging out with his friends when he heads to third grade at Sangaree Intermediate.

Bellanger has an older brother and a baby sister. In addition to baseball, he enjoys playing freeze tag, climbing trees and jumping on his trampoline.

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Monica Kreber