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PSE third-graders make goals for 2021

Published on Monday, Jan. 11, 2021

Stop annoying mom, be a better brother, try to remember everything -- these Philip Simmons Elementary students all have different goals they want to accomplish in 2021.

Caroline Fraylick recently issued a writing prompt to her third-graders asking them to pick a word as a goal they would like to achieve this year. Students also wrote the steps they would use to achieve that goal. Students wrote on becoming more organizaed, learning patience, having better balance and more.

Check out what her students came up with for their New Year's Resolutions.

Riley Payne: "Organization"

Excerpt from work: “I always feel like everything is cluttered and it doesn't make me feel good (…) another reason is because it's just kind of hard to find everything because everything's just shoved.”

Action Steps:

  • To organize my pencil box by rubber banding my crayons and pencils
  • Keep my cubby (tidy)
  • Whenever I take my stuff out of my bookbag zip it back up


Bao Nguyen: "Memory"

Excerpt from work: “I have a bad memory.”

Action Steps:

  • Not to have so many (things) on my mind
  • (Thinking about it a lot until I finish it)
  • Getting focused on one thing


Abigail Sebestyen: "Organization"

EFW: “I think it would be better if I was more organized to have clarity of where all my stuff is.”

Action Steps:

  • I will organize two small areas of my house each week.
  • I will try my best to remember ot put my things away when I am finished using them.
  • I will try to keep my house organized in a way that I can know where everything is.


Riley Breuer: "Confidence"

EFW: “I think being more confident will make me a braver and better person!”

Action Steps:

  • Raise my hand in class if I think I know the answer
  • Try to not get as nervous when talking to new people
  • Don’t get nervous when I am sharing


Alex Grimmer: "Continue"

EFW: “I often give up so this word can help me with continuing and get better at not giving up. This word helps motivate me and helps me also stay focused.”

Action Steps:

  • I will remember how proud I felt when I passed my belt test for karate.
  • Think about how my dad would be proud of (me) and he would tell me to never give up.
  • When i think about my mom, it can keep me focused because she is someone who I can trust, she never gives up and she loves me.


Maeson Grogan: "Confidence"

EFW: “Why I chose confidence for my New Year Word is because every time I get nervous when I go up on stage to sing or dance.”

Action Steps:

  • To try new things without getting scared.
  • To sing and dance in front of people.
  • To not be afraid.   


Dominic Olson: "Brother"

EFW: “I chose this word because it was my New Year’s resolution in the first place. I also want to be the best brother ever.”

Action Steps:

  • I will stop teasing my sis
  • I will be kinder to my sis
  • I will stop being a (meanie) in general


Wyatt Allen: "Healthy"

EFW: “I need to try new healthy foods.”

Action Steps:

  • Try to (eat) foods such as fruit salad and more
  • Drink three liters of water a day for a week
  • Exercise three times a day for a week


Channing Hornilla: "Focus"

EFW: “One reason is, I (tend) to get distracted all the time. …when I do things sometimes I get distracted and go play with my toys. …when I get distracted I can sometimes forget what I'm doing and then after a while, I remember.”

Action Steps:

  • Start to focus on one thing then keeping going until I am done
  • Go to one thing until it’s time to move on to the next thing
  • Keep on focusing on things that are important and wait for things that can wait


Addy Blease: "Patience"

EFW: “…when I am in line for something fun or a special treat I lose patience. …when other people are talking and I have something to say I tend to just start talking and interrupt. …whenever I want a snack I want it right then and if I don't get it I get upset.”

Action Steps:

  • When I want something then I will wait patiently and (breathe) in and out.
  • While other people are talking and I want to talk I will stop thinking about what I will say until my turn.
  • I will work hard to not get upset when I don't get what I want right then.


Quinn Warnaar: "Focus"

EFW: “For the new year and so I can focus on work and meets (and) also school.”

Action Steps:

  • If I hear someone talk I would face them
  • I would next focus/listen to them
  • Last I would know what the person said


Reagan Ledbetter: "Healthy"

EFW: “My new year goal is to be healthy. I don't want to die. I need to eat more good food (because) I only like food that has sugar in it.”

Action Steps:

  • First I will try two new foods a week
  • Then I will drink four cups of water a day
  • Finally I will only eat one piece of candy a week


Gabe Majors: "Balance"

EFW: “A few examples of some responsibilities I have are my, homework, karate, chores, and having time for other things. That is why I think I need to work on balance.”

Action Steps:

  • My first action step is calm down when I am stressed about getting something done
  • Another action step that will help me achieve this goal is doing work when I have to do it.
  • My last action step is to not to get distracted by other things so we can have fun sooner


Ivy Reagor: "Patience"

EFW:  “I need patience like my whole life. I'll need them for a job and I'll need them for a lot of things. That is why I choose patience!”

Action Steps:

  • I will not be talking so much
  • I will let other people talk before I do
  • I will wait


Ivy Cromedy: "Balance"

EFW: “The reason I chose the word balance is because it’s a lot harder to balance my responsibilities, which include school work and chores.”

Action Steps:

  • I plan to create a schedule of when to do my chores
  • I will remind my parents to remind me about the schedule
  • I will pace myself


Jason Kim: "Healthy"

EFW: “Because I need be eating more greens and fruits to get more stronger to get more healthier(.) Also I need to exercise more…because (of) Covid-19 i can’t go outside so I have to exercise.”

Action Steps:

  • First, I will eat more fruits and greens(;) I will eat 5 a day.
  • Then, I will drink more milk(;) I will drink 1 bottle of milk a day. 
  • Last, I will exercise to get stronger(;) I will run 1 time a day.


Finn Stevenson: "Perseverance"

EFW: “The reason that I chose perseverance is because i think that usually give up easily and it’s important to not give up.”

Action Steps:

  • I will not give up (when) stuff is hard.
  • I will try new things so I can persevere and do them.
  • I will try hard things so I can persevere and do those things.


Vinny Jaskiewicz: "Organize'

EFW: “I think I could work on being more organized. I think I could organize my stuff to help keep my room more clean and to work on my organize skills.”

Action Steps:

  • Clean out my room and organize things.
  • Find…a place for my toys.
  • Help other people organize their stuff.


Maddie Cira: "Patience"

EFW: “I chose the word patience because I need to work on patience with my little brother. I need to not react and instead help teach him. I also need to teach myself that everything can't happen exactly when I want it to.”

Action Steps:

  • Take a deep breath and wait to respond calmly.
  • Wait patiently to get the things I want.
  • Practice every day at dance to get the moves right.


Ellis Futch: "Healthy"

EFW: “I want to eat more healthy and get more exercise instead of playing video games. I think if eat better and exercise more then I will be more healthy in 2021.”

Action Steps:

  • I will take a walk four times a week
  • I will eat healthy five times a week
  • I will drink two liters a week


Liam Burton: "Organization"

EFW: “I chose this word because I need to start organizing my house. Another reason is that I will have a cleaner house. This is why I chose this word so I can live a cleaner life.”

Action Steps:

  • I will make my bed.
  • Put things back in their place after they are done being used.
  • I will clean up the house.




Monica Kreber