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Student Spotlight: Marcio Lana exemplifies kindness at Westview Elementary

Published on Monday, November 16, 2020

Marcio Lana defines a leader as somebody who tries to help other people – and whether it is playing sports or working with his classmates, he tries to be leader at school.

Lana is a fourth-grader in Mindy Smith’s class at Westview Elementary. He said he thinks he is a good leader because “I help people a lot.”

“It’s important because leaders help people,” he said, adding, “Leaders help when they’re having trouble, and you just go in there and help.”

He likes his school because it has a really good team of administrators, and good students as well. He enjoys playing outside, doing math and visiting with the teachers he had last year.

Outside of school he likes to play with his friends and play football – he usually plays safety.

Lana is also bilingual; he and his family speak Portuguese. He is also learning Spanish and French.

A problem he sees in the world is a need for more kindness; he said he would like to take the people who are mean and make them all good. 

“There’s a lot of mean people in the world, and in social studies we’re learning about the Native Americans and the Europeans, and the Europeans were really mean to the Native Americans, and I don’t like that,” he said.

When he grows up Lana wants to be the boss at a car dealership – specifically he wants to sell sports cars.

“I really like sports cars,” he said, adding his dad once showed him a 2012 corvette that he was taking to a mechanic, and Lana was sold on the idea after that.

When he leaves Westview Elementary, he wants to remember how good the school was, and that his teachers remember him as a student who was willing to help out.

His message to his classmates would be to remind them that “they were really good to me and nice, and they’re really smart, and I hope they graduate college when they get there, and I hope they have a great time of their life.”