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Student Spotlight: Jordan Smith at Whitesville Elementary encourages respect, positive behavior

Student Spotlight: Jordan Smith
Student Spotlight: Jordan Smith

In his Student Spotlight interview, Whitesville Elementary fifth-grader Jordan Mathis talks about good behavior and respecting others.

Published on Saturday, Oct. 17, 2020

Fifth-grader Jordan Smith is very much believes in leaving a positive impact at Whitesville Elementary.

“When I’m in class I try to do my best to behave, and I try to encourage other kids to behave, because if they don’t behave they’ll get in trouble,” he said in his Student Spotlight interview.

Jordan gives credit to his teachers from kindergarten and first grade for helping him work on his behavior.

“If they’re strict or something you’ll learn why they’re strict later. They’re just strict so you can learn how to behave better when you grow up,” he said.

He also credits his current teachers and his parents, friends and brothers for helping him become a leader.

Jordan has a goal this year to read at least 1,000 books on the Epic book app, and encourage his class to get to 10,000 books.

“They don’t have all books but they have a lot of really good books,” he said.

Jordan wants to go to Clemson University and one day become a masseuse – maybe even a well-known one who helps famous celebrities relax when they need it.

There is a therapeutic idea to it as well: “It helps my parents; whenever they have a bad day I can give them a massage on their back or something.”

If he had a magic wand and could solve an ongoing issue in the world today, Jordan said he would want to end violence, COVID-19 and hunger – things that “don’t get solved too easily.”

Jordan’s message to his classmates is: “Do your best to respect your teachers and the people around you…and if you respect them they’ll respect you back.”

Monica Kreber