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Hands-on lesson helps CERDEP students 'hunt' for their names

Published on Monday, Oct. 5, 2020

 Tyler Bunting holding up a poster that reads "Mrs. Bunting" as part of a lesson

BCSD provided photo

This hands-on lesson with 4-year-old kindergartners results in students learning through play.

Tyler Bunting, early child development (4k) teacher at Cross Elementary, has come up with a fun activity to help students find, recognize and say the letters in their name.

Bunting’s assistant found the activity idea on Pinterest and shared it as a possible idea for name writing/work.

Key “ingredients” to the lesson include:

  • A piece of white paper or white cardstock (note: Bunting said cardstock works better with paint)
  • White crayon
  • Watercolor paint

First, the teacher takes the piece of white paper/cardstock and writes the students’ names on the white paper using a white crayon.

Students will then use the watercolor paint to paint over the white crayon and "find" each letter in their name. The letter will "magically appear" when they paint over the letter.

Bunting said her students were so excited to “hunt” for the letters in their name.

“They would tell me each letter when they found it and they were so excited,” she said. “This is an activity that they remembered when we talked about it the next day. It was something interactive that my kids enjoyed and it helped them all learn the letters in their name.”