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BCSD's LEAP program runs Aug. 17-21

Updated on Wednesday, Aug. 12, 2020

Berkeley County School District will host the LEAP program Aug. 17-21 from 8 a.m. to 11 a.m.      

“LEAP” stands for “learn, evaluate, analyze and prepare.” The LEAP days are geared toward students in 4K through eighth grade, but not all students will be involved in the program; schools have invited students to attend based on specific activities planned during the week.

Earlier this summer the General Assembly approved funding for five additional instructional days at the start of the school year to be used for LEAP days.

Denise Ling, director of federal/state programing and intervention for the district, said any student could be invited but students have been invited based on what their school needed to achieve.

Nobody is required to attend LEAP at all – it is an invitation to students, and the invitations were prioritized based on what the school could accommodate (schools have different programs in place).

LEAP days will focus on engaging students that have demonstrated significant learning gaps or specialized needs. Schools may have invited students who:

  • Experienced low engagement during the spring 2020 distance learning period;
  • Have demonstrated learning gaps on prior assessments and diagnostic tools;
  • Are in process for evaluation related to special education or English learner status;
  • Are homeless or migrant;
  • Have chosen the blended pathway and need an orientation for that new path of learning.

LEAP Day activities could include revisiting prior content, reviewing individual education programs (IEPs) and diagnosing student readiness.

BCSD students (both online and in-person) otherwise start school on Sept. 8. Teachers return to work Aug. 31; however, teachers working LEAP days will return the week of Aug. 17.

Students need to have a signed waiver to be inside their school building.

Parents can reach out to their child’s school if they did not receive an invitation but are interested in their child attending any LEAP program activities, or to ask additional questions.