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BCSD announces 2020 District Teacher of the Year finalists

Published Friday, May 15, 2020

Berkeley County School District (BCSD) announced its three District Teacher of the Year finalists this week in a way that hit home for each of the educators.

In a normal school year, the three finalists for District Teacher of the Year are announced at the annual Teacher Forum Induction Ceremony. However, with schools closed for the year and social gatherings discouraged, the three finalists were instead celebrated with surprise visits to their front lawns by Teacher Forum members, district administrators and coworkers at their schools.

With flowers, signed artwork by Berkeley County’s Willis Sanders and a lawn sign — it was a sight difficult to miss by passersby in each teacher’s neighborhood.


Carolyn Davis - Whitesville Elementary

Carolyn Davis

Something that excites Carolyn Davis about teaching is being able to implement innovative ideas that only further enhance the content her students are learning.

In her Teacher of the Year application, she described how she strives to keep learning fresh and interesting.

Under her direction, students excel through STEAM-related projects incorporating Legos, PlayDoh, cubes, tiles, craft sticks and more. They are also engaged in digital programs like Google Mystery Hangouts, Virtual Reality and Adobe Spark book trailers.

Davis has taught a total of 28 years. She has spent the last three years as the media specialist at Whitesville Elementary. 



Jered Crosby - College Park Middle

Jered Crosby

Mr. Crosby is a seventh-grade science teacher at College Park Middle. He has been teaching for three years. 

His number-one goal is to provide students with an education full of real-world experiences and skills they will never forget. He strives to create an environment that is innovative, fun and meaningful for his students; a place where they can create things that they are proud of and develop interpersonal skills that are applicable no matter what their future holds.



Judy Rainey - College Park Elementary

Judy Rainey

Ms. Rainey has been teaching first and second grade at College Park Elementary for two years. She has taught a total of 39 years.

Innovation in her classroom looks like personalized learning — using task cards, choice boards and exploration boards as learning tools with students showing their learning in ways that work best for them while moving along their own learning pathways.

“Innovation in our classroom looks like, sounds like, and feels like a passion based learning environment where students’ passions make learning more meaningful,” she wrote in her Teacher of the Year application.


BCSD’s District Teacher of the Year will be announced on May 21.

"I am really excited about all three of our District Teacher of the Year finalists," said BCSD Teacher Forum Chair Amanda Cooper. "In the end, there will be only one District Teacher of the Year, but all three of these educators are worthy. We are all excited about what their strengths will bring to Teacher Forum and how they will work with educators at all levels in our schools to continue building upon the things that make our schools and district great."

complete list of the BCSD Teachers of the Year can be found in the District News section of the BCSD website.