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VIDEO: Philip Simmons Elementary's got talent

Philip Simmons Elementary hosts Virtual Talent Show
Philip Simmons Elementary hosts Virtual Talent Show

After having to cancel its production of "The Music Man," Philip Simmons Elementary opted to host a virtual talent show.

Published on Thursday, May 7, 2020

clip from talent show

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When Philip Simmons Elementary had to cancel its production of “The Music Man”, the school opted to do another type of activity to get students to perform.

Music teacher David Frazer said the school was originally going to host “The Music Man” on April 30, and then livestream it in May.

“It was really heartbreaking to have to tell families that our musical was cancelled,” Frazier said. “We had so many students that worked so hard to memorize their lines and their music.”

The school instead decided to do a virtual talent show. Frazier said the school shared information via the school news program and had students audition through FlipGrid. Frazier then did a survey with the parents of those could participate to find a day/time that worked best for everyone to perform live.

Frazier then met on GoogleMeet a few days later with the show’s MC, fourth-grader Grace Hatcher, and the participants to make sure everything worked out. For any students that could not be there on the day, the school used their audition video or a new video of them performing.

Students submitted videos of themselves showcasing their different talents: gymnastics tricks, instrumental performances, singing, magic tricks, skateboarding and anime drawing were among some of the submissions.

Click the link above to check out the talent at Philip Simmons Elementary.

Monica Kreber