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Superintendent's Sunday, March 22 coronavirus update

The following is the text of Berkeley County School District Superintendent Dr. Eddie Ingram's Sunday, March 22 address on the coronavirus pandemic. 

Good evening. 

For several weeks, Berkeley County School District has been closely following the coronavirus pandemic.

We’ve been heeding the guidance of state and federal agencies, while also planning for unprecedented challenges delivered by the virus and its impact on our  communities.

I want to first thank all of the employees of our school district. 

Our teachers and administrators rallied to provide weeks of high quality instruction. Custodial and maintenance crews worked to clean and sanitize as many nooks and crannies of our buildings as possible.

Finally, our child nutrition workers, with the support of SROs and school admins, prepared thousands of meals for children in need.

I want to assure you that Berkeley County School District will continue to do everything it can to help our communities. 

We are blessed in this county to be a part of the state’s eLearning pilot. Our schools are thriving, even as their brick and mortar structures are closed. Students are benefitting from lessons designed to teach valuable work and life skills. They are receiving instruction that matters. It’s our hope that with eLearning, we will minimize the impact of school closures on the learning process.

As we think about eLearning, it’s important for you to understand that BCSD is prepared for extended closures, even if such is deemed unnecessary.

We do not have a date yet on when our buildings will again welcome students, but you have our promise that no matter the news from our governor’s office, we will be prepared. 

As we plan for this new, uncertain future, we will continue to look for ways to address the needs of the whole child. BCSD social workers are continuing to serve families and are receiving support from community partners.

Tomorrow, we open 25 additional student feeding locations. The additional sites will help families unable to travel far from their communities and neighborhoods. We are grateful for partnerships with local churches that have made this possible.

Additional information on student feeding sites can be found on our website at

It’s our hope that as you receive this message tonight, you find some comfort in our dedication to the children of Berkeley County. Your support has been invaluable, and your poise is appreciated.