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Report to the Community: A message from Dr. Eddie Ingram

Published Thursday, August 9, 2018

As part of sharing the progress within Berkeley County School District, Superintendent Dr. Eddie Ingram spoke to the Berkeley County Chamber of Commerce Thursday morning and officially shared the annual Report to the Community.

While most of what Dr. Ingram presented and discussed centered on educating children "for their future, not our past," it was all broken down into about a half-dozen areas of focus, including but not limited to: financial accountability, safety/security, growth, career and technical education and technology. 

A message from Berkeley County School District Superintendent Dr. Eddie Ingram

Dear Friend of Berkeley County School District,

The world is changing, the job market is changing and our communities are growing at a rapid rate. It’s important that our educational practices evolve with that growth as we prepare Berkeley County School District students for their future and not our past.

Many jobs our graduates now seek did not exist 10 years ago. So, we must ask ourselves, “are we collectively doing our best to prepare our students for the road ahead?”

Change is required, and it’s not something that can happen just in the classroom. We at BCSD will strive to go above the standards. We will offer more lessons in learning that have real world applications.

Kids should know what their next step is. For so long educators have sorted and excluded students based on standardized memorization tests. When was the last time you factored for a polynomial?

When tomorrow’s leaders are today’s students, we must all realize the importance of providing instruction tailored for the 21st Century. You have our commitment that our culture will reflect that.

Change is not something that SHOULD HAPPEN. Change WILL HAPPEN, and you will see it in Berkeley County School District.

Thank you for your continued support and commitment to the students in our schools.

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