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Get highlights and information from the July 24, 2018 Board of Education meeting

E-UPDATE FOR July 24, 2018

This edition of In the Loop, published and distributed by the Department of Communications and Community Engagement, provides a highlighted summary of actions taken by the Berkeley County Board of Education during the regular meeting on Tuesday, July 24, 2018. Complete board meetings are recorded and archived on the BCSD YouTube channel. Photographs from the board meetings are available for viewing and download at

More information on board members and meetings can be found on the Board Docs website. After selecting a meeting date, you can view an agenda for the meeting, items for information, and items for action. Board Docs is updated in real-time during the regular meetings.


SC Association for Career and Technical Education Award Winners

  • SCACTE Teacher of the Year- Kirk Richter, Cane Bay High 
  • SCACTE Career Guidance of the Year- Jessica Galati, Hanahan feeder-pattern Career Specialist 
  • SCACTE Lifetime Achievement- Gwen Ward, BCSD retiree 
  • SCACTE Champion of the Year- Tana Lee, BCSD Director of Career and Technical Education

Campus Safety K-12 Director of the Year Award (Campus Safety Magazine)



Appointment of Administrators



Academics and Innovation Committee


Finance and Human Resources Committee

Whereas, the Board engaged the South Carolina School Boards Association and our general counsel to conduct a comprehensive review and revision to Board policies; and 
Whereas it is necessary to take certain action to clarify the intent of the Board in adopting the policy revisions as recommended by the SCSBA and counsel, I move that the Board: 
Clarify that its intent in adopting the revisions to Board Policy Section G on May 22, 2018 was to delete all of Section G existing as of that date and replace such policies with those in the form as presented to the Board on May 22, 2018; 
Authorize the Superintendent or his designee to delete or correct in the policies cross-references to other policies to accurately reflect the revisions adopted by the Board, including deleting references to policies that no longer exist or correcting references to policy codes which have been modified; 
Delete and revoke Policy EGAA and GCOA Option 1; 
Authorize the Superintendent or his designee to delete or correct job and position titles to accurately align with the Districts’ organizational chart; 
Authorize the Superintendent or his designee to make revisions in Policy names and codes as necessary to accurately reflect the contents of the policies; and 
Authorize the Superintendent or his designee to make revisions to all policies to remove typographical, grammatical, and other non-substantive errors.

  • IFB #534-(17-18) to provide and install Watchfire LED to Tyson Sign Company for a projected contract value of $67,423
  • IFB #539-(17-18) for AXIS Network Camera and Equipment to A3 Communications for goods and equipment on an ‘as needed’ basis for a term of one year with the option to renew for four additional years with an estimated yearly contract value of 372,906
  • Deny RFP #537-(17-18) for Student and Athletic Insurance Services to the Young Group, Incorporated for an initial two (2) year term with the option to renew for three (3) additional one (1) year terms with a projected annual cost of $395,000.00 per year and a potential five-year contract value of $1,975,000.00.
  • Direct the Superintendent to conduct an emergency procurement for accident insurance services for our athletic programs and athletes
  • Award RFP #538-(17-18) for Benefit Enrollment Services to First Financial Group, Incorporated, for an initial 1 year term, with the option to renew for 4 additional one year terms at no cost to the District, and name First Financial Group, Incorporated, as the broker-of-record for approved voluntary benefit products
  • Three out-of-state travel requests as presented
  • Comprehensive Master Facility Plan
  • Revised resolution for the issuance and sale of general obligation bonds of the School District in the principal amount of not exceeding $45,000,000, the proceeds of which will be used for the purposes of paying existing debt, funding capital projects, including but not limited to the undertaking of capital improvements to the School District’s facilities and the acquisition of equipment and other infrastructure and technology improvements, and paying the costs of issuance of the Bonds and other lawful purposes as the Board may determine
  • Approve the extension of the contract with Harding Parker and Associates, LLC to provide Board consulting services to the Berkeley County Board of Education, including to:
  1. Advise the Board of Education and Superintendent and designee, on the implementation of the Master Facility Plan;
  2. Advise the Superintendent and Board on the establishment of a “Construction Department” within facility services;
  3. Assist the development of the Berkeley County construction standards manual and give direction on the establishment of prototype models for BCS.  Advise the Board on all issue relative to “Education Adequacy”” regarding school construction;
  4. Assist the District on all land acquisition issues; and
  5. Advise the Board of Education and Superintendent, as needed.

  6. In the amount of $7,500.00 per month plus reasonable expenses for a term of 24 months.


Superintendent Dr. Eddie Ingram spoke about the importance of paying attention to our teachers. “There’s certainly nothing more important than that,” he said as he thanked those who spoke passionately during public comment about supporting educators. Highlighting his remarks about supporting teachers:

21st Century Design

Ingram shared his experience at the Thursday, June 19 teacher training sponsored by Santee Cooper at Wampee Conference Center. He shared insight on the message he shared with educators. 

“We have a teacher shortage in this country, because we’re beating them up,” he said. 

Ingram said standardized tests have a place and will be implemented with fidelity, but they will not be practiced over and over in BCSD classrooms. “That is asinine,” he said.

Ingram presented board members with a book, “What School Could Be” by Ted Dintersmith. Ingram described the book as an account of how education is evolving across the country.

Dr. Ingram also spoke of conversations with other local school district leaders on forming a different accountability model that will focus on what students are actually able to do as opposed to what score they may or may not get on a test.  Dr. Ingram said seniors will have an opportunity this fall to give feedback on what they are learning.

Ingram spoke briefly about the week-long teacher training and said it was “going well.”  


BCSD Board Chair Sally Wofford reminded board members of the workshop scheduled for 5:30 p.m. on August 7. She said she hopes board members will have had a chance to read the book presented by Dr. Ingram by then.

Mrs. Wofford said during the workshop there would be teambuilding activities, work on the district’s shared vision and discussion of an assessment tool for Dr. Ingram’s performance.










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