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CBM employees recognized for Trident United Way contributions

Published Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Cane Bay luncheon image

The special meal recognizing the efforts of Cane Bay Middle's faculty and staff was prepared by the Child Nutrition Services team at the school. (BCSD photo) MORE PHOTOS

Employees of Cane Bay Middle School were recognized by Berkeley County School District and Trident United Way on Wednesday for contributions to this year’s campaign with the local non-profit.

Cane Bay Middle school employees are among several BCSD groups that saw a sizable year-to-year increase in campaign contributions. Through payroll deductions, cash donations and checks, staff members raised nearly $3,700. 

Together, BCSD employees raised nearly $140,000 in the month-long campaign held each year. BCSD Senior Associate Superintendent Deon Jackson told employees at the recognition luncheon their contributions are to be commended, given how many dealt with a summer and fall that saw natural disasters with local impacts.

“Despite all of that, you all (Cane Bay Middle) had an increase in contributions from last year to this year,” Jackson said. “…District-wide we did very well also.”

The value in that, Jackson said, is that Trident United Way is one of BCSD’s “biggest partners when it comes to providing services for students and the community.”

Kristin Raymond, director of corporate development at Trident United Way, said recognizing Cane Bay Middle School’s staff members is the type of thing that makes this time of year her favorite. She praised BCSD employees for their contributions as they are already in positions that have a direct impact on the community – educating and caring for its children.

“You guys really set the standard, not only for what school districts do as far as getting in the community, but you guys are beating out tons of our corporations (on donations),” Raymond said. 

Money raised for Trident United Way by BCSD employees goes right back into the local community. Some of those funds will be used to benefit Trident United Way’s education initiatives like the Reading by Third program.


Brian Troutman