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10 BCA creative writing students qualify for national competition

Published Sunday, February 10, 2019

National qualifiers

Pictured above are the BCA National Scholastic Art and Writing Competition national qualifiers. (BCSD photo)

Ten Berkeley Center for the Arts (BCA) creative writing students have qualified for the 2019 National Scholastic Art & Writing Competition after winning Gold Keys for writing during the Southeast regional competition.

Of more than 230 schools represented at the regional event, BCA students accounted for the 4th-most awards. BCA creative writing teacher Nick Geary said poetry was the dominant area for his students, but awards were also won in fiction, memoir, humor, flash fiction and science fiction.

“We're still a very young program, but to see our students work so hard and support each other and help each other achieve this level of success when paired up against some of the very best schools in the entire southeast is exciting for all of us,” Mr. Geary said.

Those 10 Gold Key authors now move on to NYC for a chance at national gold. In all, 80 BCA student pieces from 31 students earned recognition. Seventeen BCA writers received Silver Keys, just missing qualification for the national competition.    

“My students impress me with their courage, their work ethic, and with their level of commitment to being there to support each other,” Mr. Geary said. “Believing in each other and having each other's backs and being there for each other has as much to do with their success as the work they put in.  I'm very proud of them as writers, but more proud of the wonderful human beings they are becoming in the process.”

National winners will be announced in March and are invited to Carnegie Hall over the summer to receive awards. In three years, five BCA students have placed on the national level.   

* BCA is located on the campus of Goose Creek High.

National qualifiers

Delaney Coldren

Imani Smith

Kendall Vorhis

Jerrell Alston

Maddie Flynn

Isabella Eraula

Ethney Dosenbach

Lauren James

Zaria Frazier

Angel Force