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Volleyball players earn All-Star, All-State recognition

Published on Thursday, Dec. 5, 2019

Volleyball players win all-state, all-star recognition

BCSD photo - Maddie Mitchum, Marley Owens and Maya Gerding

Three Berkeley County School District volleyball players recently received All-Star and All-State awards.

Stratford High senior Maddie Mitchum received All-Star recognition and was selected to play in the North / South Volleyball match at Erskine College in November. Mitchum was selected for the class AAAAA/AAAA South team.

Mitchum called being named to the All-Star team is “very rewarding.”  She has been playing volleyball since sixth grade, and described the sport as a stress reliever.

“It’s kind of like a getaway,” she said.

Mitchum said she tries to do her best as well as play the best she can for her team. She named her dad and volleyball coach Aaron Tuuk for being her biggest supporters.

Hanahan High senior Marley Owens was named all-state in class AAA volleyball. Both of Owens’s parents have a background in volleyball as well. She named them as her biggest supporters.

With two volleyball parents Owens said she grew up around the sport but did not officially start paying until fifth grade.

This is Owens’s first big recognition in volleyball.

“It feels amazing,” she said.

Philip Simmons High junior Maya Gerding was named all-state in class AA volleyball. She has been playing volleyball since sixth grade.

Being named all-state was not expected, she said, “but it was really cool.”

“I really like that it (volleyball)’s a team sport because you get really close to everyone on your team,” she said.

Monica Kreber