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Sedgefield Middle implementing new health initiatives

Published on Wednesday, Dec. 4, 2019

Sedgefield Middle implements health initiatives

BCSD photo / Monica Kreber





This was part of the beat that roughly 30 Sedgefield Middle School students stepped to when they came together in the gym after school on Tuesday.

The step/dance club is a new one at Sedgefield Middle, and it was started by physical education teacher Holly Chapman as a way to get students moving.

“We decided that it would be really good for the girls to have a dance opportunity because they didn’t have one before and we decided to start it this year,” she said. The club is predominantly girls, plus one boy so far.

The club also mostly consists of sixth and seventh-graders, though Chapman is hoping to get more eighth-graders involved.

The club’s first performance will be the school’s Renaissance Rally in January.

“I think they are doing great with the new club,” Chapman said, adding, “It’s more about them getting a basis with rhythm and dance and then hopefully they’ll be intrigued or find…joy in that and continue doing that throughout a lifetime.

“A physical education teacher’s job is to give them something that they can do throughout the reminder of their lifetime to live a happy, healthy life,” she said.

Chapman is leader of the Health and Wellness Committee at Sedgefield Middle. The step/dance club is one of a few healthy initiatives Chapman has implemented to promote health and wellness among students.

Sedgefield Middle implements health initiatives

BCSD photo / Monica Kreber

The school is a participant of the MUSC Boeing Center for Children’s Wellness is an obesity prevention initiative that impacts the health of school-aged children. Participating schools utilize the School Wellness Checklist as a guide to implement and record wellness practices completed each year. Items on the checklist are assigned point values and schools earn points by implementing the wellness programs. Schools that achieve enough points receive monetary awards that go back into the school to grow and sustain their wellness projects.

Some examples of what participating schools have implemented include building a school garden, or installing refillable water stations.

“This (the club) is a good way for them to get more physical activity outside of school,” Chapman said.

Last May, 37 of Berkeley County School District’s schools were recognized by the MUSC BCCW for utilizing the program to create healthy environments within the schools. Berkeley Elementary, Sangaree Elementary and Daniel Island School were the top three winners in cash prizes.

Sedgefield Middle earned $350 through MUSC BCCW. Chapman is using the money to purchase fruit and vegetables for tastings; the school will have four of these tastings throughout the school year.

Chapman also received a $750 Cooper Rive Bridge Run Grant that is going toward new water bottles for all of the students at the school in order to increase students’ water consumption – and hopefully decrease soda intake. The bottles will bear the school logo on it.

Chapman plans to start an after-school walking/running program next semester. The school also has a health and wellness student committee run through student council. The students are working to exchange ideas on how the school can improve overall wellness of staff and students.

Monica Kreber