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Hanahan High receives SCHSL Award of Excellence

Published Friday, March 22, 2019

Hanahan High receives SCHSL Award of Excellence

Hanahan High Principal Tom Gallus and Athletic Director Kimberly Joseph accept the Award of Excellence from the South Carolina High School League. The award was presented to only nine high schools in the state. (Provided)

Hanahan High School Principal Tom Gallus wants everyone to know that athletic programs at his school aren’t built on talent alone. Mr. Gallus believes Hanahan High is special, because of the character displayed by its athletes and valued by coaches, parents and community members.

This year Hanahan has something to show for that value placed on character. Mr. Gallus said it’s evidence of what is happening not just in the classrooms and on athletic fields of the high school, but in the other Hanahan schools and in the community.

The South Carolina High School League recently recognized nine high schools with an Award of Excellence. Hanahan High was one of those schools.

With more than 250 public high schools in South Carolina, Mr. Gallus says the award, given to programs for “exemplary display of sportsmanship, ethics and integrity,” is one to cherish.

“I think it’s the greatest award you can get,” he said. “It says a lot about our teachers, staff, employees and community. It says a lot about the feeder schools. We aren’t changing the kids that much by the time they get here (Hanahan High). It all starts at home, and this type of award is a reflection of that.”

Brian Troutman