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BCSD choirs dominate Lander Choral Festival

Published Thursday, February 21, 2019

When it comes to measuring the quality of high school choral programs in South Carolina, the Lander Choral Festival has long been a mechanism. In its 32nd year, the event has built a reputation of attracting and identifying the state’s most elite choirs.

With so many great programs, it’s rare to see one school district dominate the event. However, that’s what happened on February 15th of this year. 

The Goose Creek Chamber Choir was named Grand Champion of the event after receiving the highest score of the 15 choirs present (278.5/300). The Cane Bay High Ladies Honor Choir took home first place in the women’s choir division and received the second-highest overall score in the competition (278.37/300). 

The recognition didn’t end there. 

The Goose Creek Chamber Choir also took home first place in the mixed choir division and was recognized as the Most Inspiring Performance. Six members of the choir (Mary Reynolds, Kandache Griffin, Christian Castell, Iris Salvador, Jorredan Moultrie, Ashley Beal) were also named Most Outstanding Soloists. 

GC Chamber Choir

Goose Creek Chamber Choir (BCSD photo)

“This is a phenomenal accomplishment for our programs, and for our district,” said Berkeley Center for the Arts Director of Choral Activities Jordan Boyd. “This serves as proof of the high level of choral music education taking place in our schools at all levels. The Cane Bay Choirs have a decade of high caliber performance under their belts and serve as a standard-bearer of excellence in the state. Our Goose Creek Chamber Choir is barely a year-old and is already racking up awards and accolades at competitions, assessments, and conferences across South Carolina. Very few districts can boast that they have a championship-level choral program. Here in Berkeley County, we have two.” 

Cane Bay High Ladies Honor Choir

Cane Bay High Ladies Honor Choir at the Lander Choral Festival (BCSD photo)

The Cane Bay High Ladies Honor Choir also took home several additional awards from the event as it was named Best Soprano Section, Best Repertoire and was the only treble choir to receive a superior rating. 

“The Lander Choral Festival has long been one of the most competitive festivals in the state,” said Cane Bay Choirs Director William Bennet. “To win a category or be the Grand Champion places your choir in the upper echelon of programs around the state.  To have two ensembles in the same district accomplish this is almost unheard of!  We are so proud of both of these organizations and happy to represent our schools, communities and the district at large in this capacity.”  

Additional information on the Cane Bay Choirs can be found on the school's website. 

More info on the Goose Creek Chamber Choir and other programs offered by Berkeley Center for the Arts at Goose Creek High can be found on the Goose Creek Choirs site


Brian Troutman