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BCSD announces nominees for 2019 Rookie Teacher of the Year

Published Thursday, February 14, 2019

Schools in Berkeley County School District have selected their Rookie Teachers of the Year. These teachers will be considered for district Rookie Teacher of the Year.

Rookie Teachers of the Year are nominated by their school principals based on the following criteria:

  • Conducting effective instructional planning to meet the needs of all students;
  • Providing and facilitating quality instruction;
  • Organizing and implementing a culture of learning in the classroom;
  • Managing student behavior and classroom events;
  • Developing effective relationships with students, parents/guardians and peers;
  • Modeling professional demeanor and behavior;
  • Serving as an advocate for students and public education as a whole.

Rookie Teacher of the Year Nominees

Berkeley Elementary -- Lori Martinez/Resource

Berkeley Intermediate -- Nicole Ramsey/5th ELA

Berkeley Middle -- Sarah Votta/MSD

Boulder Bluff Elementary -- Shelly-Ann Burgess/Counselor

Bowen’s Corner Elementary -- Rachel Aarons/3rd Grade

Cane Bay High -- Miguel Lucero/EMS Health Sci

Cane Bay Middle -- Cynthia Paige/7th ELA

Cross Middle/High -- Sarah Gentry/7th ELA

Daniel Island School -- Julianna Phillips/Band

Devon Forest Elementary -- Danielle Sharp/1st Grade

Foxbank Elementary -- Jackie Bresse-Rodenkirk/Media

Goose Creek Elementary -- Melissa MacDonald/5th Sci&SS

Goose Creek High -- Halli Talley/MSD

H.E. Bonner Elementary -- Molly Deese/Art

Hanahan High -- Bradley Harrison/Spanish

Hanahan Middle -- Keller Yingling/7th Pre-Alg/Sci

Howe Hall AIMS -- Kelli Rodriguez/Media

Macedonia Middle -- Sarah Hopwood-Geyer/XCat

Marrington Elementary -- Allison Fitzsimmons/K

Marrington Middle -- Claire McCormick/Theater

Mount Holly Elementary -- Leah Cockerham/CERDEP

Nexton Elementary -- Monica Dodd/Resource

Philip Simmons Elementary -- Kimberly Kean/2nd Grade

Philip Simmons High -- Kathryn Sablotsky/Engineering

Philip Simmons Middle -- Josh McCall/ 8th ELA

Sangaree Elementary -- Chasity Cales/K

Sangaree Intermediate -- Aubrey McCormick/Counselor

Sangaree Middle -- Anna Malone/MSD

Sedgefield Middle -- Katrina Driskell/8th SS

St. Stephen Elementary -- Kimberly Council/LD

Timberland High -- Alexia Watt/World Languages

Westview Elementary -- Grace Flynn/4th Grade

Westview Middle -- Brian Laemers/6th Math

Westview Primary -- Sherrie Moorcroft/MSD

Whitesville Elementary -- Melody Silva/MSD

A committee of school, teacher and business leaders will select three finalists from the list to interview for District Rookie Teacher of the Year. Finalists will be selected in April, and all school-level Rookie Teachers of the Year, as well as the three finalists, will be recognized at the final PRIDE Celebration in May. The District Rookie Teacher of the Year also will be announced during the celebration.