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Hanahan High twins Christian and Keller Rogers 'make a stronger bass section'

Published Monday, Feburary 11, 2019

Next month chorus students from around the state will arrive at Winthrop University for South Carolina’s All-State Chorus Weekend.

More than 50 students were selected from Berkeley County School District following the audition process.

While several of our schools had multiple students selected, none of those have the bond of the two chosen by judges at Hanahan High.

Twins. Christian and Keller Rogers finish each other’s sentences. They both like science and visual arts, and they both excel in music. Now, they will both attend the All-State Chorus Weekend in March, and they credit their special bond as one of the things to get them there.

“They hold each other accountable,” said Hanahan High chorus teacher Valerie Murden. “They really want each other to do well. You can tell they want to be successful together.”

Christian will sing in the all-state mixed choir while Keller sings in the men’s choir. While they both will chuckle and admit one scored higher in the audition process, they have a hard time agreeing to who may be the better singer. It’s not because they’re competitive – it’s because they are more focused on support.

 “It’s not like who can do better than the other,” Christian said. “It’s about, ‘let’s work together to get a better sound.’”

Working together – it’s something Mrs. Murden says the twins do each day in class. She said their grades reflect that.

“They’re great. They work hard. They have a positive attitude, and they love the arts. They are among my leaders in the class,” Mrs. Murden said. “They definitely raise the bar. They pretty much always make 100.”

Brian Troutman