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VIDEO: 2018 BCA Creative Writing Film Festival

Published Thursday, January 10, 2018

Before winter break, Berkeley Center for the Arts (on the campus of Goose Creek High) held a creative writing film festival. This video provides highlights from the student-produced short films that were shown.

This was the third year of the festival and BCA creative writing teacher Nick Geary said it was the "best one yet."

"We had about a hundred people in the audience, which is great for students to see that kind of support and interest in their work," he said. "...It was a huge undertaking for them."

The festival was the culmination for about 10 weeks of work. As a part of the learning experience, students were required to reasearch and give presentations on different film genres, write original screen plays, cast actors, shoot/edit films and create marketing materials. 

Mr. Geary said the goal was the expose students to professional and meaningful experiences that would create a better understanding of film. 

"In the past we'd written screenplays and read screenplays, which is great, but making the films and organizing a film festival has really provided us all with a new level of understaning," he said.